The story of each house starts in the imagination of those who build it.. It is slowly transformed by those who visit it day by day, over the years and centuries..

We desired to create a place where time becomes art and where one can become conscious of the importance to live in the present moment.

We would be happy to welcome you in this place where time stands still.

Welcome, Bienvenue, Benvenuti, Welkom to Les Chemins de Traversaz.



What they say about their stay


“Alain just amazed us with appetizers and Belgian beer, then the lightest, fill-like pastry on parchment creation “pie” but it would be a sin to call it pizza. Local exceptional red wine with dinner, local lamb stuffed peppers, fruit dessert and wasted us with local liquors distilled in the town still including wicked watermelon sugar shots, thyme lemon infused liquor and another I can’t describe. Great dinner in an exceptional mountaintop luxury multi-floor, top shelf Gite!” S.L., July 2016


Native from Belgium, we have always been passionate for wide-open spaces, from the North Sea to the Himalayan foothills. The yearning for discovery brought us in the Northern Canada, in the mountains of La Réunion, Tanzania, Asia, and one day, here, in the village of La Traversaz. This green setting, its people, its sceneries, its fauna and flora… it was a breath of fresh air, an unexpected well-being break in the hectic professional life in Belgium.

Dreams started to build: why not settle here, propose you to discover the place, share together passions, open a Guest House.. The idea made its way for 8 years of renovation works.As a project and its realisation exist only thanks to the complementarity of the people who contributed directly or indirectly, in actions, thoughts, and support, I am particularly grateful

To my wife, for the thousands hours spent in measuring, drawing, painting, nailing, giving to the house its soul of today,

To my family, who dedicated to it a lot of holidays,

To our friends, and all those people who brought their competences and skills for the dream to come true.